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I’m a natural-born interviewer. Before I even understood how essential storytelling is to branding, I was compelled to pry. And I’ve found that no matter who you are or how mundane you may think your life, what I ultimately uncover, to paraphrase Mark Twain, is stranger than fiction.


I learned on the first day of my first job that you can make a living interviewing people and telling their stories. My editor at the Benzie County Record Patriot told me to write an article about the opening of deer-hunting season. When I said I didn’t know anything about the opening of deer-hunting season, he told me to call a guy at the DNR (which he then had to tell me was the Department of Natural Resources). So I called the guy and – like magic – got everything I needed to write the story.


I later discovered it was more interesting to interview people about themselves and their work, which is what I did at Geffen Records and then DreamWorks Records. As a publicity editor, I developed a flair for excavating the through line – how your life’s experiences add up to who you are. I subsequently realized that you don’t have to be a musician to have a story and use it to promote yourself.


These days I find particular inspiration in the intrepid entrepreneurs making their way in the fledgling cannabis industry. That’s why my current clients include a family of farmers growing “beyond organic” flower, an organization advocating for federal prisoners doing life for marijuana-related offenses and a streaming-network producer aggregating high-larious pot adventures.


By the time brown-trout season opened in Benzie County, my knack for interviewing and storytelling had become an asset to the Record Patriot. Today, I’m happy to say, it’s an asset to my clients.

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